"There is no place like"

About Me

Little about myself

Hi there ! I'm Nicolas from Leuven, Belgium. I'm a software developer mainly focussing on the .NET environement. Outside being a professional software developer, I am also an entrepeneur focussed on bringing a simpler way of life on this everchanging technical world.

My Experience

Currently I am a Senior Technical Consultant working for Allphi. My previous projects that I was envolved in were, Mobiguider solution for De Lijn (working for DXC Technology, previously known as CSC), developing and maintaining CreoniS MES solution and various consulting projects with Akkoo.

Outside programming

Outside, in real life, I'm a vivid fan of Oud-Heverlee Leuven, a stand-up comedian and a red cross volunteer. If you see me walking around, don't ask for an autograph but drink a beer with me !